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Cart is lifted or lowered in one easy quick step.  Loads and unloads in seconds.  Watch our video on how easy the Cansporter works.   A quick and easy method is important especially when loading or unloading your cart in stormy weather. 

Carrier does not obstruct use of tailgate or rear cargo door on most vehicles.  (So you can access the rear of your vehicle with the carrier installed and leave the carrier on at all times)  More convenient than having to remove the carrier each time you need to access the rear of your vehicle. 

If you prefer, you can easily remove and install the Cansporter so it is only on your vehicle when needed.  Quickly slides in or out of your tow receiver.  Single cart carrier weighs 20 pounds. Dual cart carrier weighs 42 pounds for easy installation or removal. 

Minimal effort required.  Women and teenagers can easily raise or lower carts. 

Cart is suspended 11 to 12 inches above the ground for easy transport.  Height is adjustable to insure your carts have the proper ground clearance regardless of the height of your trailer hitch receiver. An important feature for transporting on gravel or uneven drive surfaces.  Virtually eliminates cart drag at steep grade changes. 

Carrier is positioned close to the rear of your vehicle. The closer the carts are to the vehicle the less chance of cart drag at drive surface slope changes. 

Dual Cansporter carrier has independent lift mechanisms for each cart so carts of different size or weight can be transported together without hampering lift operation. 

Nothing to add to your cart.  The Cansporter uses the standard mid-height bar on your cart to lift and secure the cart for transport. 

Load your carts onto the Cansporter with your vehicle parked in the garage and then back out.  No need to turn your vehicle around before loading the carts.  The carts are suspended above the ground allowing you to easily back up with the carts attached.  Nice feature when it is raining or snowing outside. 

The Cansporter is much more convenient than towing trash carts with a trailer.  Nothing to leave at the street except your carts.

Below are some of the features that make the Cansporter work easily with your vehicle and cart type. 

    Dual Cart Cansporter Trash Cart Carrier Design Features