About Us

About Short Industries.

At Short Industries we believe in customer satisfaction.  That is why we manufacturer the Cansporter waste cart carrier out of heavy gauge steel and phosphate clean all parts before finishing our product with a high quality powder coating.  This dedication to producing a quality product insures that our customers purchase a product that will provide years of service. If you have a suggestion or comment about the Cansporter we welcome your input.  You can send us an e-mail at Sales@cansporter.com


Transporting your trash carts can be a difficult task.  We at Short Industries want to make this as convenient and easy as possible.  That is why our carrier is designed to lift and secure heavy carts for transport in seconds.  The convenient release mechanism allows you to lower your cart within seconds in a safe and controlled manner.  The low profile of our Cansporter allows full access to your rear cargo door or tailgate on most vehicles.  The dual carrier can transport one or two carts.  No need to convert the dual carrier to a single mode if you only need to transport one cart.  Our carrier has many features that allow adjustments to suit your vehicle and the various types of carts.  This dedication to creating a product that works easily and is designed to provide many years of service is important to us.  The Cansporter is the original Trash Cart Carrier.  We started the industry many years ago and are still amazed at how excited our customers become when they use their Cansporter.  It gives us great pleasure that we have been able to help so many people and to make their lives a little easier. 


Thank you for purchasing the Cansporter.  If however, you have decided not to place an order we want to know why.  Send us an e-mail and tell us what we need to do to get your business.