Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can different capacity waste carts be transported with the CANSPORTER?

    Yes, most sizes of waste carts that have a horizontal lift bar can be transported. Do not exceed the weight limit however. The horizontal lift bar can be steel pipe, plastic pipe or formed plastic of any length.

  • Can I transport more than one cart at a time?

    Yes. Single cart and dual cart models are available. The single cart carrier is expandable to the dual cart carrier with an additional purchase.

  • Can I transport a single cart with the dual cart carrier?

    Yes, if you need to transport only one cart you can do so with the dual carrier. Modifying the carrier to transport a single cart is not necessary. The lift mechanism for each cart is independent so an uneven load on the carrier does not affect the lift mechanism.

  • What is the weight capacity of the Cansporter?

    The maximum weight of a single cart and the contents must not exceed 180 pounds when using the single cart carrier. The maximum combined weight of both carts and the contents must not exceed 320 pounds when utilizing the dual cart carrier. The maximum weight of each individual cart and contents must not exceed 160 pounds when using the dual cart carrier. According to statistics the average amount of waste produced per person in the U.S. is 30 pounds per week. When both a trash cart and recycle cart are provided, approximately 20 pounds per person per week is deposited into the trash cart and 10 pounds per person per week is deposited into the recycle cart. Therefore a family of four will produce approximately 80 pounds of trash and 40 pounds of recycle waste per week.

  • What is the weight of the single and dual Cansporter?

    The single cart Cansporter weighs 14 pounds and the dual cart Cansporter weighs 29 pounds. The cart bar adapters that are supplied with your Cansporter will add 2 1/2 pounds to the single cart Cansporter and 5 pounds to the dual cart Cansporter if installed. These adapters are only necessary if the length of the bar on your cart exceeds 7 1/2". The Cansporter is secured in your trailer hitch receiver with the included hitch pin and clip. Either model easily slips in or out of your trailer hitch receiver in seconds.

  • What material is the Cansporter made of?

    The Cansporter is fabricated with heavy gauge steel and powder coated for long life and durability. The base and lever arm are constructed with 10 gauge ( 1/8"+ thick) steel. The mounting bracket is constructed of 6 gauge (3/16" thick) steel. Components are welded together. The Cansporter is built to provide many years of service and we have customers still using their Cansporter after 10 years of service.

  • Is there a 3 or 4 cart version of the Cansporter?

    The largest capacity Cansporter is our dual cart carrier. Trailer hitch receivers have a maximum vertical weight limit and this weight limit could be exceeded if supporting three or more heavy carts. Many of our customers use both a front and rear trailer hitch on their vehicle to enable four carts to be transported utilizing two of the dual cart carriers. There are several picture examples of this on the UTV section on the Home page.

  • Can I transport carts of different sizes and weights with the dual cart CANSPORTER at the same time?

    Yes. The lift mechanism for each cart is independent of each other so having carts of different sizes or weights does not affect the lift mechanism operation. The Cansporter is designed for optimum convenience, so you do not need to worry about having to balance your load. The best way to set up the dual Cansporter to carry both a smaller capacity cart and a larger capacity cart is to adjust the mounting of the two bases as attached to the horizontal cross bar. There are several mounting holes in the back of the base. Mount one of the bases using the lower set of mounting holes and center set of holes. Mount the other base using the upper mounting holes and the center set of holes. This will position one base 1 ½” higher than the other base. You can then mount the horizontal cross bar that has the bases on each end as high above the ground as possible so that you can align the bar of the smaller capacity cart with the receiving arm channel. When loading the carts onto the Cansporter attach the smaller capacity cart first and then the larger capacity cart.

  • Does the CANSPORTER automatically lift and lower the waste cart?

    The CANSPORTER utilizes a lever arm to significantly reduce the amount of force to lift and lower the waste cart. The majority of the weight is carried by the CANSPORTER when lifting or lowering the waste cart. The operator must apply a force to rotate the waste cart up or down.

  • Is rotating the cart the best method of lifting the cart?

    We believe that it is and so does your waste hauler. The waste haulers utilize a lifter that engages the cart and rotates it to lift and dump the contents. This is done in one quick step. The CANSPORTER utilizes a similar one quick step process to lift and rotate the cart up off the ground. This can virtually be done in seconds, very important if you need to load or unload your carts in the pouring rain or stormy weather. You purchase a waste cart carrier for the convenience it provides. The CANSPORTER provides the greatest convenience in lifting and transporting your waste carts.

  • Can I easily remove or install the Cansporter onto my vehicle?

    Yes, the Cansporter slips into the tow hitch receiver on your vehicle and is secured with a hitch pin. To install just slide the Cansporter into your vehicle's tow hitch receiver and secure with the included hitch pin. To remove just pull out the hitch pin and slide the Cansporter out of your vehicle's tow hitch receiver. The Cansporter installs or is removed in seconds.

  • Can I open my rear cargo door or tailgate with the CANSPORTER installed?

    Our carrier is low profile so you can keep the carrier installed on your vehicle and still have access to your tailgate or rear cargo door on most vehicles. Much more convenient than having to remove, store and reinstall a carrier each week.

  • How is the cart secured during transport?

    There are several factors that maintain your cart in the latched upright position during transport. 1) The CANSPORTER utilizes a patented lift and latch mechanism. This unique latch mechanism automatically secures your carts in the upright position and will not release until you reposition a lever to the load/unload position. Even after repositioning the lever, the cart remains in the upright latched position until you give the cart a small shove forward which allows the latch to disengage. The cart can then be controllably lowered to the ground. 2) The depth of the receiving channel is very important. When you load your cart into the CANSPORTER, the cart’s horizontal lift bar is inserted into a 3 inch deep receiving channel of the CANSPORTER. This channel is rotated to a vertical position during transport causing the cart’s lift bar to rest deep within the bottom of this channel. The deeper the channel the more secure your cart is during transport. 3) The length of the horizontal lift bar on waste carts vary depending on the type of cart. The receiving channel length of the CANSPORTER is adjustable. This adjustment is necessary to limit the side to side tipping of the cart during transport. See the question below about the B and C inserts for more information on this feature. 4) Your cart is suspended high above the ground. The more ground clearance your cart has the less chance the cart will drag when traveling over uneven terrain or steep grade changes. Usually 8 to 10 inches of clearance is all that is necessary. However, if your situation requires more clearance it is easy to mount your Cansporter to provide the additional ground clearance. This is a one time adjustment and does not increase the time or effort required to load and unload your cart. In other words, if you want your cart 12 inches above the ground it will not take any more effort or additional time to load then if you only needed 8 inches of clearance. A quick method to do this is very important and that is just one of the features that make the Cansporter extremely convenient to use.

  • My vehicle does not have a trailer hitch. Can a trailer hitch be installed on my vehicle?

    Yes, most vehicles can be equipped with a receiver type hitch. Hitches are manufactured for specific vehicle models and years. Consult a dealer that sells hitches for the appropriate hitch for your vehicle. Your local auto supply store should be able to obtain the proper hitch. You can also search the web by typing in "Trailer Hitches" into the search box and several hitch companies will be listed. You can also call us and we will help you locate a trailer hitch for your vehicle.

  • My spare tire is mounted on the exterior of the back of my vehicle. Will the CANSPORTER work on this type of vehicle?

    Approximately five inches of clearance between the Cansporter and back of vehicle (or spare tire) is necessary for loading the waste cart. You may need a receiver extension to provide this clearance. The extensions are available from most auto supply stores or trailer hitch retailers.

  • Can a golf cart, ATV or other Utility Vehicle be used to transport my trash/recycle carts?

    Yes, many of our customers use these types of vehicles to transport their trash and recycle carts. The tow receiver on many of these vehicles does not extend to the rear of the vehicle so a receiver extension may be needed. The tow receiver or extension should extend to the rear of the vehicle or beyond. The Cansporter fits into a 2 inch receiver, if your vehicle has an 1 1/4 inch receiver an adapter that converts your 1 1/4 inch receiver to a 2 inch receiver is required. This type of adapter will also extend your receiver approximately 7 inches which will provide the required clearance for most of these types of vehicles. The extensions and adapters are available from most auto supply stores or trailer hitch retailers. We also stock these items. See our PRODUCTS page for these accessories.

  • How far above the ground are the carts suspended when transporting?

    The carts are suspended approximately 11 to 12 inches above the ground when loaded into the CANSPORTER. This distance is determined when you first mount your CANSPORTER and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Increasing or decreasing this ground clearance does not require additional time or effort when loading your carts.

  • Is the CANSPORTER easy to use?

    Yes, you will be amazed at how easily and quickly you can load and unload your trash, recycle and yard waste carts. See our demonstration VIDEO and customer REVIEWS pages.

  • My waste carts do not have a horizontal lift bar. Can these types of carts be transported with the CANSPORTER?

    Sorry, the waste cart must have a horizontal lift bar. Most waste haulers that we have worked with will supply carts with lift bars to their customers upon request even if the hauler is typically using carts without lift bars. Contact your waste hauler and request to speak with the General Manager or Route Manager.

  • My vehicle has a 1 1/4 inch receiver. Does the CANSPORTER work with this size of receiver?

    Yes, the CANSPORTER can be mounted to your vehicle's 1 1/4 inch tow receiver. The adjustable bracket that is supplied with your CANSPORTER only fits into a 2 inch tow receiver so you will need to use an adapter that converts your 1 1/4 inch receiver to a 2 inch receiver. The single cart carrier can also be mounted to a ball mount instead of using an adapter. Adapters and ball mounts are not included and are available at most auto supply stores. When mounting a dual carrier to a 1 1/4 inch receiver it is important to determine the "tongue weight" capacity of your tow receiver. This rating will be listed on the receiver. Determine the tongue weight and subtract 45 pounds (weight of the dual carrier) to determine the maximum weight allowed for your two carts and contents. Example: Tongue weight capacity of your tow receiver is 200 pounds, minus 45 pounds equals 155 pounds. Therefore the total weight of your carts and contents must not exceed 155 pounds.

  • Can I use the CANSPORTER to transport carts to the public landfill or transfer station?

    No. The CANSPORTER is intended for transporting carts from your residence to the public roadway for collection by your waste hauler. The CANSPORTER is not designed to be used on public roadways at high speed.

  • Can I lower the tailgate on my pickup truck with the Cansporter installed?

    On most vehicles the tailgate can be lowered with the Cansporter installed. Approximately 25 inches of clearance between the underside of your tailgate in the lowered (open) position and the ground is needed. This clearance distance is with the Cansporter lever arm rotated down to the load position. Approximately 31 inches of clearance is needed to lower your tailgate with the Cansporter lever arm in the up position. These clearance distances are approximate and will vary depending on the height you mount your Cansporter. We advise that you slowly lower your tailgate the first time to confirm that you have the proper clearance.

  • I recently purchased a Cansporter but the receiver inserts (B or C) are longer than the bar on my cart. How can I use the Cansporter with my cart?

    You do not need to install either insert (B or C) adapters if the lift bar on your cart measures between 4 1/2" to 7" long. The receiver (A) which is attached to the lever arm is used. Adapters B or C are only needed if carts have a longer lift bar. The purpose of these adapters is to limit the side to side tipping of the cart during transport. Carts will tip if the cart lift bar is more than a few inches longer than the CANSPORTER receiver. The CANSPORTER can be used with carts where the lift bar on the cart measures anywhere between 4 1/2" long to 13" long.

  • What is your return policy?

    We know you will be satisfied with your purchase, but if for any reason you are not completely satisfied you may return all items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund less shipping charges. All we ask is that the product be returned in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.

  • What is your warranty policy?

    The Cansporter comes with a 90 day warranty. This is what we characterize as our legal warranty. The period is only 90 days because some people abuse warranties. We stand behind our product and also provide a moral warranty which extends beyond our legal warranty period. If your Cansporter fails to perform as expected after the legal warranty period just contact us. We will work with you to work out a reasonable solution. We believe that your Cansporter should provide you with years of service.

  • I have a question that is not answered on this page. How can I get my question answered?

    Please e-mail your question to and we will respond back with an answer. You may also call us at 831 439-8565 and we will be pleased to answer your questions.