Customer Reviews

Just a small sample of customer reviews of the Cansporter.  As you can see, our customers are very pleased with their Cansporter.


Here’s a non solicited review after taking out my garbage for the 250th time.

I’ve owned my Cansporter for 5 years and cannot adequately tell you how much I love this product.  I’ve used it with two different vehicles at two different homes.  One a 300 yard gravel driveway and one a 200 foot uphill paved driveway.  It works every time and even with very heavy loads I’m able to locate and easily pivot the can to a lock position.  I’m now 65 and wouldn’t do without it.  If you’re reading this… it!

Thanks for making this product

         John P.
         Mountain Top, PA



Took "my can" up the hill and dropped off can at curb.  All without breathing hard at all.  WHAT A RELIEF!!  NO HUFFING  or BUFFING!!  Thanks to your great idea.  As a high school shop teacher, I can honestly say WELL ENGINEERED!!!

         John S.
         Chattanooga, TN



I am an almost 62! year old woman whose wrist was broken this winter on the ice...I live on a farm in WI at the end of a LonG driveway - hauling the garbage cans was always a problem. Until NoW!!! I LovE the Cansporter. The assembly instructions were wonderful - I did it myself - and the How To instructions were clear!! Attaching the cans is just SO Easy - even with the bad wrist. I thank you so very much. I just showed it to my neighbor and they loved it!! So, if you have offers from the Roberts, WI area just know I am spreading the GooD word!!! Thank you So much!!!

          Catheine K.
          Roberts, WI


I just used my new Cansporter to get the garbage to the road. Awesome product. You want this. In fact, everyone will want this. Works simply, just like the video.

          Joe M. 
          Belleville, WI


This is the second Cansporter I ! have purchased. First one sold to a neighbor. I have to tell you, this is the greatest invention and I know a thing or two about inventions! Thank you!

          Michael R.
          Gibsonia, PA


Just wanted to say that this is a really great product and is made well!! Makes this task a breeze and is the ONLY way to take the trash out if you have a long driveway etc. Also, the customer service was excellent!!!

          Nick A. 
          Cincinnati, OH


Thanks. It is a great system that solved my 1500 ft hilly driveway problem.

          Ross H.
          Gatlinburg, TN


Your item arrived and it is wonderful! I look forward to a double setup in the near future. Thanks for the assembly, adapters and wonderful service.

Kind regards.

          Ramon Z.
          Haverford, PA


The Cansporter arrived…Thanks.  The new version definitely rides better with the wider holder that just fits the width of the can lift bar and the solid attachment to the hitch.  The detent for the lever seems a little deeper and easier to use also, or maybe just because it isn’t 10 years old.  Hopefully this one will last 20 years.   I can’t complain, too much, for getting 10 years of hauling two 96 gallon cans weekly 2.5 miles each way for 10 years.

          Brad A.
          Rescue, CA


Be jealous people! I have installed the CANSPORTER!!!

         Keith P.
         Charlottesville, VA



I just wanted to let you know I got my CANSPORTER and am very happy with the quality of the product.  I mounted mine to the back of a golf cart and use it as a utility vehicle to do maintenance around our property.  The way it holds the cans allows me to open the lids and load them while attached to the golf cart.  Thanks again for a well engineered and very useful product.

          Ben D.
          Santa Rosa Valley, CA



So glad we purchased the Cansporter.  Wish we would have found it much earlier.  It could have saved quite a few backaches.  Thank you for putting this invention out there.  :)  :)

          Birgit H.
          San Jose, CA



Just wanted to tell you that! your product is outstanding. I live up on a mountain ridge and have a long way to go to put my garbage out. Your product works great and it is so simple to use. I have already recommended it to a number of people and to my realtor who knows other homeowners looking for this solution.

          Chris R.
          Fort Atkinson, WI



Dear Cansporter,  We live down a long lane and have always struggled with getting the trash out to the road. I searched the web and found the cansporter, after buying it boy do we love it, made the job real simple. We love it and I will not be without one , Thank you so much. 

          Rob H.
          Continental, OH


Love the Cansporter! Thanks – your new Morgan Hill customer is really happy – used it the first time last night – so much better than lifting the cans in the car/trunk. Thanks for taking the anxiety out of trash day!

            Lenore J.
            Morgan Hill, CA



 Hi… I placed an order a month or two ago and just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your product… It works great! 

I thought you may want to know that I was able to get it mounted on my Polaris Ranger. I would imagine that the majority of your clientele also own ATVs.

I looked on your website before I bought it and it wasn't clear to me if this would be possible… So I took a chance and it works great! See attached photos.  FYI, the only thing that I had to do was extend my 2 inch Hitch… Just a basic extender.

Thank you,

          Brandon C
          Braselton, GA



We received our Cansporter yesterday, Had it assembled and working easily by following the instructions and off we were to take our trash cans from our home to the pickup area some 600 feet away.

For years my wife and I have been hauling our cans up and down the driveway totally unaware of Cansporter.  One day we happened to see your product hitched to a car we were near while waiting for the light to change.  Luckily I could read the name Cansporter and using the internet was able your product.

Needless to say we ordered Cansporter a week ago.  Just used it yesterday and today and we love it.  What a joy to take the garbage to the curb using Cansporter.

          Richard H
          Haymarket, VA 




Welded a 2" receiver to the back of a reman Westerer Golf Cart and now we have a great tool to take the trash cans out to the road.  We are 81 and 79 years of age and she won't let me help, cause, it's so much fun.  A great product that lets me watch out the window while she takes the trash containers out our 1/4 mile, uphill, gravel, driveway. Thank You Alex K, out in the Mojave Des.

            Alex K
            Yucca Valley, CA


Here's my new Cansporter in use on the back of my Kubota L3010. It's actually mounted on a universal trailer hitch adapter which I bought at Tractor Supply. These adapters are commonly available through tractor dealers and I have seen homemade versions as well. The Cansporter works great!

          Bob J.
          Pottstown, PA


Cansporter has been working great for us!  We love it so much that I convinced my neighbor John DeBeers to buy one and he loves his too!

My old van is falling apart, so my wife and I just bought a Mercedes Sprinter Van.  Do you have any experience/advice for how the Cansporter will work when connected to a Sprinter?  They are pretty high off the ground.


         Jon  S
         San Diego, CA


Holy moly Batman... I got my trash and recycle thing today!  Put it all together, by myself, which was really easy.  Noticed that you all gave me an extra nut... and that wanted to throw me just a little bit (haha)  put that baby on my forester, and tried her on for size!
Guess what?  Tomorrow is trash day! and mines already out on the turn around! 

Listen, I'm a mountain girl, through and through, but still a girl all the same.  My 96 gallon trash bins are heavy up and down my long drive. It snowed here last Sunday in Evergreen, Colo... but I'm ready now.
I'm just lovin' you guys at CANSPORTER today!!
Thanks so much!

         Susan M.
         Evergreen, CO

Unit worked great!!

It took longer to unwrap the parts than to assemble. Yeh, Trash day is fun again!!!

         Gary S.Susan M.
         Scotts Valley, CA



I received my Cansport! er today and just picked up my 90 gallon can from the end of my long rural gravel driveway. What a relief to not have to wrestle it into my SUV any more! Thanks for inventing it!

          Mary H
          Hartsburg, MO


8-21-2016 (purchased 10/2012)

The cansporter has been a big help with the trash. We live on a hill with a steep driveway.

          Mike H.
          Neveda City, CA


I have been wanting one of your Cansporter for a few years.  I normally take the can with my little tractor's front end loader.  That sucks when it's raining.  I have two pickups with receiver hitches and a topless Samurai with a receiver.  In bad weather, using your device with a pickup will be MUCH better (typically I skip 'trash day' when it's raining, and that get's more difficult on the 2nd trash day if it's raining again).

So after getting my wife to help me hoist the trashcan into the back of the Samurai because it was especially heavy, I finally ordered your cansporter.

I ordered it Monday.  FedEx delivered it Tuesday.

Geez.... why such slow service?!?!? 

I'll get it assembled Saturday for a trial run on Sunday.  I have no doubt it's gonna make it to where even my wife can take the can to the road (about 1/4 mile)!  Not that she will, just that she can.

 Just thought a letter of thanks for such quick delivery would be appropiate.

            Phil S.
            Orville, CA


 I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about your cansporter product!!!  We live on a steep hill and taking the cans to the street, which is a long way AND uphill so that is our LEAST favorite thing about where we live. Your product will certainly make our lives much easier!

          Kristi B.
          Tucson, AZ


My wife really wanted the Polaris Ranger 400 for chores around our new property and the big one was taking the trash out.  I got my Cansporter today and it's really well made. Goes together in about 20 minutes. 

          San Diego, CA


I love the design of the Cansporter - allowing that bar to drop into the carrying bracket is the real genius - so you don't have to have something too tall keeping it from keeling over. It's very cool.  As a guy who is injured, it's awesome and I appreciate your physics lesson.



My son just purchased one for me. I am so impressed with it I want to get one for my neighbor. We have to drag cans a distance.

          John M.
          Bremerton, WA


Your waste can carrier is great.  My order arrived promptly.  The assembly directions were clear.  Because of my spare tire on my Jeep, I had a 4" extension welded onto the adjustable mount to extend it's reach into the receiver.  That made it work perfectly.

Thanks for the good design and very useful carrier

          Bill L
          Aptos, CA


Great product BTW. It's saved me many a trip down our two tenths of a mile lane dragging the trash can.

          H.L. F.
          Georgetown, TX


We got our Cansporter this week--- it's great!!!  I hope everyone else in our area is as happy as we are!

          Jo & Dan E.
          Escondido, CA


My hubby and I have recently moved to a handicap accessible home, but unfortunately it is on a hill and the trash pickup is at the bottom.  Your trash can porter will make a HUGE difference to us. 

            Sheryl M.
            Independence, MO


I own a high clearance vehicle because the entrance road to my property has some pretty rough patches. For fifteen years I have struggled to lift heavy, unwieldy waste cans into the high bed of my truck, too often at the expense of my back.

When I saw your clever device I knew my prayers had been answered. I had dreamed of some way to transport my garbage cans the three quarters of a mile down my road without doing heavy lifting. Your elegant and practical solution has saved me from back strain, getting drenched in the pouring rain and the possibility of dangerous falls in the dark. It is only a small exaggeration to say you have saved my life! Thank you so much for your great product.         

           Jeff M.
          Corralitos CA



This product is awesome!  No more lifting the cans into the back of my truck on trash day.  It's a snap to hook up and very easy to load the cans now.  It's well worth the money in my opinion and I will highly recommend it to all of my neighbors.

          Evan M.
          Nevada City, CA


Just wanted to let you know how much I like my Cansporter.  Great quality/construction, easy to use.  It's been a lifesaver.  Thank you! 

          Tim M.
          Monroe, WA


I have lived for 10 1/2 years in a house with a very very long driveway. I have a husband and three sons and It has always been a huge hassle getting the trash cans from our house to the curb with battles over whose turn it was and with tag teams dragging the cans behind the car...not very safe. Once I installed and figured out how to use the Cansporter, taking the trash to the curb is actually fun or maybe not fun but hassle free! Thanks for making my life easier!!!

          Jane S.
          Charlotte, NC


Some people haul sweet speedboats and bikes, other haule garbage.....

We've got a long, steep driveway and need to get our trash cans to the top each week.  An acceptable hike in the summer but miserable in the rain and snow.

Factory hitch from, installed by Speciality Auto in Portland, Cansporter dual cart carrier.  Problem solved.

         Shirley B. - FX45 Infinity Owner
         Newberg, OR



I just received my Cansporter today and can say that it works great. I had been lifting the can into the back of my pickup. This will save me from a lot of back pain.

        Scott L
        Toney. AL


Thanks for the parts to make my single carrier a dual carrier.  My driveway is 1/4 mile and the Cansporter has made all the difference…..

         Chip H.
         Bloomfield, NY



Thank you very much. I wish more businesses had customer support above and beyond like yours.

        Brad A.
        Rescue, CA


Based on my research you have a one of a kind, brilliantly engineered product. My wife is a Mechanical Engineer and impressed. Our new home is on a private drive and a quarter mile to the main road. Your Cansporter is perfect solution for our cart hauling needs. Thanks again. 

          Robert M.
          Sanford, MI


I received my order today from your company. I wanted to advise you everything was packaged very well and received in good order. I have installed my Cansporter on my Toyota Tacoma and it works better than I thought it would. Thanks for a good product.

         Glenn M.
         Kingsport, MN



Congratulations on a truly unique product, It works great.

        Steve H.
        Little Rock, AR


 Great product --- I have shown several people and they have been amazed.

         Perry P.
        Glen Gardner, NJ


 We are very satisfied with the quality and function of the Cansporter.

        Jim H. – 6 wheel Gator owner
        Temecula, CA



With all the useless products being developed and marketed today it is truly refreshing to see that an actual need has been so masterfully tackled. My new Cansporter exceeds my expectations and is simply brilliant.

        Satisfied Customer


I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy using my cansporter with my golf cart every week.  Once I reinforced the trailer hitch it makes taking the trash cans down to the road a breeze.  It is so easy I even take the neighbors cans back to their house for them.

          Donald T.
          Central Point, OR



My driveway is over 400 feet long, and I had been using bungee’s to strap the carts to my pickup truck’s tailgate but the carts are prone to tipping over.   I have both front and rear hitches on my truck, and your Cansporter has found its home on the front… VERY cool and so easy. Thanks again.

        Barbara Jo P.
        Powhatan, VA


Thanks again for your great customer service and great product!

        Bruce M
        Camirillo, CA


 Easy to use!  I wish I had found out about the Cansporter sooner.

          Jennifer K.
          Iowa Park, TX


New Cansporter hooked up to the gator. No more back pain trying to dead lift into the back of a pickup.  Works like a charm.

          Phil B.
          Jacksonville, AL


My vehicle is a 2014 Polaris Ranger 900.  I am using a 14" extension. (12" would likely be sufficient, but I had the 14" already.)

The can is a 96 gallon and it is very easy to use with the CansPorter. Transporting the 1/2 mile to the main road is a breeze.

 Thank you very much.

          Steve T.
          O'Fallon, MO